Instructions for the proper use of Ride-On, tyre care & safety

A) Punctures:

If you notice an object has punctured your tyre tread, drive your vehicle for 5 to 12 kms to warm up the tyres. Remove the puncturing object and immediately drive your vehicle for 5 to 7 kms, so that Ride-On can work its way into and seal the Puncture.
Ride-On works better once your tyres are warmed up. Even though Ride-On forms an effective seal around the puncturing objects, you need to remove them from your tyre, tread because if an object is left in the tyre, it will shift as the tyre rotates,, eventually creating a larger hole and causing further damage to the t If the puncturing object is a screw, you must unscrew it yanking pulling it will tear the rubber and possibly the steel belts

B) Sidewall Damage:

Ride-On is designed to seal punctures in the tread area of your tyre. Due to a tyre’s inner curvature, it will not seal sidewali damage or damage near the shoulder of the tyre

C) Wheel Protection:

Ride-On is non-flammable and chemically inert – it will not degrade either your tyres or wheels. Ride-On contains corrosion inhibitors that help to protect tyre belts and steel, aluminum and alloy wheels against corrosion

D) Seals punctures:

Upto 1/4th inch in diameter in the area covered by Ride-On (refer the coverage area picture)

E) Balancing:

Ride-On balances tyres hydro-dynamically, saves wheel balancing costs and helps tyres run cooler, and last longer
* Conditions apply