About Us

Drive Confidently

The company was initially set-up by a team auto enthusiasts who have a deep understanding about tyre performance and realised the need to introduce a solution that easily helped normal motorists.

There is a strong requirement of safety in driving and the need to fix the problem of flat tyres due to punctures. Ride-On is a slime tyre sealant gel which goes inside the tyre, and forms a protective layer from inside the crown area of the tyre and seals the puncture automatically, while you are driving.

About Ride-On

Ride-On is designed to seal most slow leaks and punctures(efficiency of 85-90%) in the crown ares of a tyre caused by nails, screws, thorns, road debris, and virtually and perforating object upto 1/4" in diameter. Ride-on slime tyre sealant also helps your tyres maintain proper inflation and run cooler, which can increase their legal life by upto 25% or more (Caveat: how and where you drive your vehicle).

A vehicle equipped with ride-on will benefit from better handling, better fuel economy , longer lasting tyres and most importantly a safer ride.

We recommend that if you are installing Ride-on TPS into new tyres, you first dynamically balance them on a balancer BEFORE you install Ride-On tyre punture sealant into your tyres.

After installing Ride-On TPS sealant into your tyres you may notice a slight vibration until the sealant has warmed up and distributed evenly in your tyres. This process usually takes 5 to 7 km. Please Do NOT attempt to re-balance tyres after the installation of Ride-On TPS

Working With Ride-On Slime Tyre Sealant

    Inspect your tyres regularly for perforating objects or other damage. Look for and remove any stones, bits of glass, metal, or other foreign objects wedged in the tread these may work their way deeper into the tyre and eventually cause a puncture. Also check your tyres closely for signs of uneven wear patterns. Uneven wear may be caused by improper inflation, misalignment, tyre imbalance, or damaged suspension parts which can eventually lead to vibrations

    Ride-On TM TPS is designed to coat the crown of the tyre. The shape of the tyre casing and centrifugal force generated by the rotation of a tyre forces Ride-On to cover the inside crown area of the tyre. Ride-On is not designed to protect the outside 1" to 1.5" of a tyre's tread closest to the shoulder areas.
    The effectiveness in sealing punctures in the crown of the tyre is an estimated 85 to 95 percent in tubeless tyres.

    If a tyre that has Ride-On slime tyre sealant in it continues to lose air, remove the tyre from service immediately and have it inspected by a professional tyre care specialist. Continued air loss can be an indication of bent wheels, a problem valve, or structural damage that can lead to sudden, catastrophic failure of the tyre 

    If you park your vehicle for an extended period of time, Ride-On may slowly pool in the bottom of your tyres. In this case, you may experience a slight vibration for the first few kms you drive your vehicle, until Ride-On tyre puncture sealant has once again spread evenly inside your tyres.

    We purposely calculate Ride-On dosages to maximize sealing efficiency in the crown area of tyres. Since the tread area outside of the crown of a tyre is outside of the belt package and is a flex point, tyre manufacturers do not recommend using Conventional repairs to fix punctures in these areas.
    Likewise, Ride-On is not designed to seal punctures outside of the crown area.