Introducing Ride-On Tyre Sealant
The American solution by Inovex Industires inc, USA., is a revolutionary solution that prevents tyre bursts and punctures and most importantly SAVES LIVES
Improves Tyre Life by 25%
The Ride-on formulation by helps hydro dynamically balance tyres, dampen road noise and vibrations that cause a rough ride. This all reduces the strain on the internal structure of the tyre, thereby extending their life.
Improves Fuel Economy by 10 to 20%:
Ride-On helps maintain the required air pressure. Every day, traces of air escape the tyre, lowering internal tyre pressure, negatively affecting the car’s fuel efficiency, and even posing risks of a blowout if the tyre pressure becomes too low.
Prevents and Seals Multiple Punctures:
If your tyre gets punctured while driving, the centrifugal force of the rotating tyre and the internal air pressure force ride-on into the hole, sealing it instantly (up to 1/4in. In tubeless tyres.
Improves Ride Quality:
The ride-on gel adds more cushioning to the tyres and helps them better absorb road vibrations and bumps
Go Green
Not only does Ride-On extend your tire life, it also improves your fuel economy. The tyre sealant is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and is readily biodegradable.
The amount of tyre sealant depends on the width and diameter of the tire. Ride-On (TPS) also contains anti-corrosive agents to protect steel and aluminium wheels
One Time Installation
Ride On has to be installed only once for legal life of your tires. Importantly, ride-on is bio-degradable.

About Ride-On

Ride-on TPS (Tyre protection system) is manufactured in America by Inovex Industries Inc. The product maintains, highest level of quality which is ensured by multiple levels of laboratory testing conducted by its in-house staff of experienced engineers. Ride-On(TPS) is the registered trademark of Inovex Industries which is distributed and marketed by Vehicular in India.


Ride-On is Suitable For The Following Installations
Ride-On® Auto Formula tyre sealant is an innovative orange gel that has been specially formulated to seal punctures, prevent leaks, balance tyres, and extends the legal tyre life in all automobiles, light trucks, SUVs, RVs,vans, and trailers.
Motor Bikes
Your motorbike equipped with Ride On will benefit from better balance and handling, improved fuel economy, longer lasting tyres, more braking stability and most importantly, a safer ride.
Fleet Vehicles
The commercial tyre sealant from Ride-On will keep you and your fleet on the road so you can get no downtime due to blow-outs, improved fuel efficiency and enjoy a safe and trustworthy tyre performance.
Ride-On is used by the U.S military, Postal Service, police and fire departments. The applications are tailored to the load and environment the vehicles will be exposed to.


Learn What Our Customers Have To Say About Ride-On
We have become ardent fans of this amazing product. A couple of months ago, we decided to use this product on our fleet of Tourist vehicles. To start off, we agreed to try this product on 10 cars. Boy, has it made a difference! Apart from the ride quality that has improved significantly, the car fuel consumption has decreased by 25%. It's refreshing to know that this product really does what it is supposed to. Moving forward, Ride on will be incorporated on all our vehicles. I highly recommend this product to everyone. It is a first class product, try it and see for yourself!
Kaizad Dadyburjor
CEO - Otro Consulting
Ride-Quality and handling have greatly improved. The car moves a lot smoother than before.
Mustafa Motiwala
Partner - Motiwalas and Sons
Super product ....... A must have for all car and bike owners/users ! Improves mileage, tyre life and ABOVE ALL safety for the passengers and driver
Pheroze A. Dhanbhoora
Chartered Accountant and Auditors

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